Basic Types of Vaporizers and Ecigs


Vapes, E-cigs, E-Liquid, Dry Herb, Wax Concentrates… It’s all a bit confusing to some so let’s break it down into some easy to understand categories so you can make an educated decision when buying your first vaporizer.

Most vaporizers are grouped into 3 types: E-Liquid Vaporizers, Dry Herb Vaporizers and Wax Concentrate Vaporizers.

E-LIQUID VAPES are specifically designed as a smoking alternative. They go by different names like ecigs or vape pens but it all basically amounts to the same thing. They’re all devices designed to vaporize nicotine infused liquids.

E-cigs are typically a disposable device intended for limited use. You use them until they’re empty and you throw them away and get a new one.

Vape pens are the refillable type of vaporizers that can be used repeatedly with various types of e-liquid in an assortment of flavors. They’re certainly more efficient and a better investment in the long run. Advanced vapers tend to go for the more expensive types of e-liquid vapes known as “mods” because they’re modifiable to accommodate different types of add-on parts that customize the vape experience. Vape mods can be simple parts that easily screw together or complicated assemblies that even have rebuild-able heating elements. If your just getting started with e-liquid vaping, we recommend sticking to e-cigs or vape pens until you feel comfortable enough to take the next step into a vape mod build. Some of you will never be interested in doing such a thing and that’s ok.

DRY HERB VAPES are designed for dry herb. (surprise!) A lot of manufacturers and retailers beat around the bush in referring to what dry herb really is. To put it simply, it can be tobacco, aromatherapy herbs or even cannabis (gasp!!). Most dry herb vapes use a porcelain or stainless steel chamber to hold the herb and have an atomizer (heating element) in the base that heats the herb up quickly. It’s a very efficient way to consume dry herb material and is one of the fastest growing consumer trends in the world right now. Dry herb vapes often look similar to e-liquid vape pens which is a source of confusion for many. Most retailers however, work to be very clear about what type of vaporizer you’re looking at in their shop. So make sure to read the descriptions.

WAX VAPES are designed for use with concentrated wax. This type of material is only legally available in medical marijuana friendly states. It’s a concentrated form of THC created from a special heating process. The chamber is very similar to a dry herb vaporizer and some vapes are made to handle both. As with all vapes, an accurate description will tell you clearly what material can be used with that product. If not, just move on.

Once you have this useful information, it’s much easier to shop for and choose the vape that suits your needs. If you just want to quit smoking and don’t have any use for a dry herb or wax vape, find yourself a nice e-liquid vape pen kit and pick out some tasty flavors to suit your palette. If you’re interested in vaping multiple materials there are some options for you as well. While some vapes are designed to accommodate just one or two of these functions, some are multi-functional allowing you to vape all three types of material. This can be a big money saver for obvious reasons. No matter what your needs, there’s a vaporizer out there for you and Real Vape Reviews is dedicated to helping you find the best options out there. So please browse the site, sort through the reviews, learn your vape vocabulary and make yourself an educated vaper!