Liquid Herb  Cartomizers come pre-filled with 1 ML of highly concentrated herbal concentrate. It is not a tincture or hydrosol but a specific formulation that is guaranteed not to clog your Vape-Pen device. These are called “Cartomizers” because they contain both the “Cartridge” and the “Atomizer” parts of the Vape-Pen system. They come pre-filled with 1 ML of one of our eight proprietary and all-natural Liquid Herb formulas.

Liquid Herb Cartomizers contain and deliver the ultra-concentrated herbal formula inside without any dripping or mess to ensure your Vape-Pen experience is as easy as possible. Liquid Herb  is a special formulation designed to work flawlessly in the Vape-Pen. They are compatible for use with all of the products that we produce.

It uses natural plant ingredients and full-spectrum botanical extracts because the individual components of each herb contribute to the overall effectiveness. This is sometimes known as the entourage effect. It also uses the most fresh and active herbs we possibly can, such as whole pods of vanilla beans shipped fresh from different exotic forests, extracted in pure ethanol which is then carefully evaporated, providing our standard vanilla concentrate.

Liquid Herb is now in the fourth generation of development with greatly improved taste and potency. We also conduct laboratory testing of our herbal products to assure purity. Liquid Herb products are intended to be used to augment the diet and to promote well-being and 100% legal.


RECALL ( Color : RED )

Contains Eleuthero, Ginkgo, Schizandra & Ginger:  To aid in attaining greater mental dexterity and fight mid-day mental lethargy, try our alertness formula. ‘Recall’ has been created to stimulate the body without the jittery side effects of typical stimulants and to gently re-sharpen the mind and senses after the dull of a dragging day.


FLEX ( Color : ORANGE )

Contains Boswellia, Ginger & Skullcap:  We depend on our body to get us through the day, so when our joints ache it can really reduce productivity and focus. That’s why we developed a formula that will help the body to ‘Flex’ naturally and comfortably in every way. Boswellia serrata is the Indian frankincense used traditionally to relieve inflammation.



Contains Guarana, Ginger, Green Tea & CoQ10: Ginger:  Our ‘Energy’ Liquid Herb blend contains the invigorating essence of ginger combined with the antioxidant CoQ10. The citrus-fresh taste awakens the senses while the zing of the ginger root awakens the mind. After several exhales, the CoQ10 has begun to enter the bloodstream to replenish low energy reserves in the cells. Revitalize anytime during the day with this popular Liquid-Herb blend.



Contains Astragalus & Rhodiola:  Adaptogens are herbs used to increase stamina and help the body adjust to the sometimes severe physical stresses of everyday life. The Astragalus plant has been selected for Liquid Herb’s ‘Endure’ blend. It is considered the prized herb because of it’s potency, safety and effectiveness. More recently, athletes have begun to use the plant Rhodiola to improve their endurance during exercise.



Contains Spearmint & Catnip:  For any stomach discomfort, ‘Soothe’ is the formula for quick help. It has been blended based on the mint family, a centuries-old remedy for various intestinal discomforts, as well as complaints of the upper digestive system. You can naturally reduce the symptoms of nausea, acid reflux, and other gastrointestinal discomforts quickly with this formula.


CALM ( Color : BLUE )

Contains Kava-Kava, Lemon Balm, Hops & Passion Flower:  Feeling the heat of life’s stresses? Take a quiet minute to cool off, collect, and compose yourself with our natural herbal ‘Calm’ blend. While you puff discreetly on your Vape Pen, the smooth and mellow vapor helps to calm and realign the mind with the body, while both relax deeply. As you exhale, allow your body to decompress the pressures of everyday life and calm.


RELAX ( Color : PURPLE )

Contains Valerian, California Poppy, Passion Flower, Skullcap & Kava-Kava:  Stress and illness often prevent us from getting the deep and peaceful sleep we need each night. The ‘Relax’ formula re-balances the body and relaxes the nervous system for a deep, restorative sleep. Our all-natural formula has been created as an alternative to traditional insomnia treatments and can be used as needed to lull the body into deep sleep, leaving the user well rested and refreshed in the morning.


BREATHE ( Color : GREY )

Contains Yerba Santa, Lemon Balm & Mullien:  Those suffering from allergies, cold, flu, and other afflictions effecting the upper respiratory tract may benefit from our ‘Breathe’ blend to soothe the throat for better breathing. Smoking involves combustion, which can be painful and damaging to the throat and lungs. Our ‘Breathe’ formula is designed to enable smoother and easier breathing naturally.



Upon your inhalation, the microchip-controlled battery heats up the atomizer to just the perfect temperature to atomize the concentrated herbal liquid contained in the cartomizer. The fog delivery technology is the same technology used in clubs and parties to produce theatrical fog. This technology has been used for decades without any ill effects. We add essential herbal extracts to the mix. Water vapor and droplets of herbal medicine are the primary components of the resulting vapor. The herbal extracts are absorbed swiftly by the body and have an almost immediate effect. We actually create a nano-molecular emulsion when mixing the formulas, for maximum absorption of the herbal components.

Liquid Herb Cartomizers contain 1 ML each of the liquid formula that is blended from natural ingredients including essential oils, plant extracts, natural flavors, water, and propylene glycol- an organic compound that breaks down to water vapor and carbon dioxide when heated. Any propylene glycol ingested is metabolized by the human body into pyruvic acid, which is then used in normal metabolic processes. Propylene glycol is currently used in cosmetics, flavorings, food products, medications, air sanitizers and a myriad of other everyday items. Allergic reactions are always possible, so please talk to your healthcare practitioner before starting any new health regimen.


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Legal Disclaimer:This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

As with any dietary or herbal supplement, advise your health care practitioner of the use of this product.

If you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy, you should consult your health care practitioner prior to using this product.

Liquid Herb products do not contain tobacco, nicotine, cannabis, ephedra or any harmful chemical additives in any form. All of our products are composed of 100% natural and legal herbs and botanicals and are enjoyed for their own properties. Please note that certain herbs may require caution while operating heavy machinery or driving when ingested.

Liquid Herb products are intended to be used to augment the diet and promote well-being. Vape Pen. makes no claims with regard to the physiological or psychological effects of these products on the human body.

Please be advised that you use these natural products at your own risk; any form of smoke inhalation, even natural herbs, may be harmful. If you have any medical concerns or questions regarding the use of herbs, herbal extracts, herbal blends, or any other products offered on this site please consult with a physician.