Grenco Herbal Vaporizer Review


Grenco Science makes vaporizers, portable ones thus far, and the G Pen Vaporizer, the pen vape that started it all, is what we’ll dissect in this review. We’re taking a look at the version designed for liquid and waxy blends. It is not designed for use with dried blends. As the manufacturer puts it, the device is intended for use with “thicker viscosity essential oils.”

Grenco has collaborated with artists such as Snoop Dogg to release “Artist Series” vapes like the Snoop Dogg G Pen vaporizer and now a couple of brand new vape pens with Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang, the Taylor Gang microG and Taylor Gang G Slim vaporizer. The latter of which, the G Slim, comes in both a reusable and disposable style.

While this is a nice pen vape, we’re a bigger fan of the microG vaporizer pen that the company makes, as it’s a more compact variant that works well with non-dried blends. But more on that in our microG review. For now, we’re going to move into the vape comparison section of this G Pen review.

G Pen VS Pax

This is a bad comparison to make because these two vapes are designed to vaporize different types of blends. Pax by Ploom works with dried blends, whereas the G vape works with high viscosity liquids. Regardless, in this comparison, we prefer the Pax because it’s designed to work with our preferred blend type, dried. To learn more about Ploom’s flagship portable, check out the Pax vaporizer review we published.

G Pen VS Atmos RX

In this comparison, we have to quickly iterate the fact that we prefer the G Pen to the Atmos RX. Why? Simply put, we’re not a big fan of the RX. This is, for those who are confused by the name, the same vape pen that was once called the Atmos Raw. While there are those who vouch for the RX, we can’t say we’ve ever been all that enthralled with the device, its construction, and its vapor production. To clarify, as far as this comparison is concerned, we’re G-Pen people all the way.

Are G Pens worth the money?

The G Pen vape by Grenco Science.