MFLB Power Adapter 2.0


Forget batteries! The Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.0 plugs into your home outlets or in your car. The power adapter delivers a steady charge and replaces your need for costly batteries.

You have complete control over your Magic Flight Launch Box using the MFLB Power Adapter 2.0. The power dial allows you to control the temperature with ease.

Made of hand crafted Maple Wood, the Power Adapter is slim and light weight.

Package Contents:

  • Power Adapter 2.0
  • A/C Wall Adapter Plug
  • 12v Car Adapter Plug
  • Power Adapter Flight Guide
  • Not being stuck waiting for batteries
  • Always being at 100% battery
  • The ability to control how hot it gets
  • The disadvantages:
  • You lose some portability, needing a wall plug or car outlet
  • You lose stealth (burning hotter=more smell + the cords)

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