Review Top 4 Strawberry Flavors


Strawberry e-liquids are certainly not made equal. After researching online and experimenting with lots of brands with respect to their flavor, mixing, price and quality, these are my best picks for the strawberry e-liquid flavors.


Strawberry Milk Bar by Milk Bar Liquids


This is a cheap e-juice that has an amazing lingering taste of real, natural strawberry. It may be inexpensive but don’t let that fool you on the quality. Milk Bar Liquids are experts with all types of milky e-juices that mix with organic blends of quality e-juice. They never use any artificial sweeteners in their products. I admire and appreciate their dedication to keeping it pure. The term ‘sweet’ is very often used in strawberry juice reviews. How about we use it here again? … and throw in ‘creamy’. It has a decent throat hit and an average vapor production. Truth be told, I’m beginning to fall in love with this ejuice.

List Price: $20.00 | Savings: $10.01

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Lava Flow by Naked 100 E-liquid


Naked 100 e-liquid really struck a chord with me when I reviewed their Lava Flow blend. It’s a juice that is becoming increasingly popular among e-liquid vendors. It’s based on the old snow-cone syrup available at most state fairs, street festivals, and similar events. The individual components of the original blend are strawberry and coconut, two flavors that are practically made for each other, like chocolate and peanut butter.

I’ll preface the review with a quick note. If you plan on ordering this juice, be prepared for a good long steep. I gave this juice the typical three weeks in the steeping drawer with a daily squeeze to let in some fresh air and gave it a good hard shake. I give each juice one night in the drawer with both the cap and dripper lid off, but in this case, the alcohol flavor persisted, I gave the juice an extra five days in the drawer without a top.

The additional time improved that boozy top note significantly. The coconut itself is robust and sweet. It’s clearly the dominant flavor in the profile, on both the inhale and exhale, with a tendency to overpower the fruity strawberry.

The strawberry flavor, like the coconut, is sweet. It falls squarely between a natural and candied flavor, adding a nice fruity top note to the deeper coconut.

I preferred this juice at a solid 10 watts (5v on a 2.5Ω atty) which kept the flavors balanced while delivering a hefty throat hit for such a fruity vape, accompanied by abundant vapor production. I also ran it through a mech mod/RBA set-up using a modified ERA with a .8Ω coil of 28ga kanthal on XC-116 and found the flavors remained true.

List Price: $28.00 | Savings: $17.01

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Jam Monster Strawberry 100ml

Flavor: Strawberry Jam + Creamy Butter + Toast
75 VG / 25 PG

I must admit, before my review, I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not Jam Monster would be able to overcome the acrid, bitter, medicinal flavor that can sometimes accompany strawberry flavors. They absolutely did.

The strawberry is remarkably clean with a sweet jam like flavor that hangs on the tongue from the front side of the vape through the sweet finish. It’s juicy, intensely sweet, and downright delicious.

There is a good dose of cream in the blend which is the prominent supporting player in the profile. It adds a rich, thick mouthfeel to the vape. Just the right amount to compliment the strawberry perfectly! There’s a very subtle taste of coconut, and truth be told. I happen to be one of those who adores a rich, creamy coconut.

I tried this juice with my standard reviewing rig, (Kanger, 2.5Ω atty) and then with a sub-ohm coiled RBA with a mech mod. I settled into the sweet spot at a relatively cool 8.5 watts or 4.6v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. This yielded an intense, delicious, slightly creamy strawberry, with a moderate throat hit, and a sizable cloud of vapor. The juice also had no issues with a less conventional, higher wattage rig. I ran it through the Nemesis/Nimbus (.6Ω) and had no flavor degradation from the increased heat.

List Price: $30.00 | Savings: $17.01

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4 Flavor Sour Straws Ejuice Sampler Pack by Bazooka! Vape:240 ml


I decided, to begin with the Sour Straws E-juice Sampler because I heard great things about it. I picked up my Duke, the model I usually begin reviewing with when I have little to no idea what to expect from juice, along with a freshly coiled Atomic atomizer, and the sampler pack of Sour Straws Ejuice. I took the lid off, gave the bottle a little squeeze and checked out the nose. The sweet smell of berries is instantly recognizable.

I loaded up the juice, and within just a few minutes I had a clear picture of what this juice was all about. Sour Straws is a crisp, light, bright mixed berry blend with both the big sweet flavor of red berries, as well as the deeper mouth quenching flavors of a darker berry. The red flavor, which occupies the front side of the vape, is quite sweet, and in all likelihood, a strawberry/raspberry combination with the strawberry taking precedence. The profile as a whole has a candy-like quality due to the overall sweetness of the juice.

The exhale and finish is where the darker flavor comes into the profile. It has a bit of a floral, perfumey tone, that of blackberry or pomegranate. While it can admittedly be difficult to discern which flavor is which with these combinations, I’m fairly confident that in this instance, it’s blackberry.

The finish brings a light touch of sour to the profile and adds a sense of balance to the mix. In the end, the sweetness wins out over the light bitter tone.

The juice has no issues with heat-induced flavor degradation. It efficiently handles the 40 watts I pushed through it in the Duke/Atomic rig. With the Kanger, I settled into a sweet spot at 9.6w or 4.9v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. This produced a nicely balanced berry blend, helping to minimize the light floral tone while providing a mild throat hit and an exceptionally large plume from the max VG base.

List Price: $100.00 | Savings: Savings: $62.01

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So what’s your consideration for the best strawberry e-liquid flavors? Share your favorite strawberry e-liquid flavors in the comment section below.