The Dube Vaporizer Pen

The Dube Vaporizer is the new, portable vaporizer design for people on the go. Crafted in the pen-style, this vaporizer is perfect for coffee breaks at work, pit stops on the road, and other nooks of opportunity that a typical day offers. Small, compact, and narrow, this vaporizer can fit easily in a pocket providing discretion and mobility. The Dube isn’t just portable; it’s versatile offering the ability to load either dry blends or essential aromatherapy oils into its cartridges. The ceramic heating apparatus provides both the convection and conduction method of heating for an incredibly fast 5-7 second warm-up before vapor is produced. The Dube is easy to charge using both a conventional wall charger and a USB cable charger, making it easy to charge no matter where you are. Perhaps the greatest drawback to the Dube is the cartridges for such a portable vaporizer are small. Small cartridges mean that the Dube must be regularly reloaded during use, making it convenient for an individual but cumbersome for a group.

Dube Vaporizer Temperature

The Dube Vaporizer uses both convection and conduction techniques to produce vapor from your blend or your essential aromatherapy oils. The heating apparatus itself is a ceramic piece that is powered electrically from a battery within the vaporizer. The dual heating method allows the Dube to power-up quickly and achieve vaporizing temperatures in a mere 5-7 seconds. A word of caution; holding the Dube’s heating button for too long can cause the combustion of your blend. As a rule of thumb, hold the power for a maximum of 10-12 seconds. Use the tabs to the left of this text to navigate through the rest of the available information.

Dimensions & Power

A sleek, discreet pen-style vaporizer, the Dube features a 1.5’’ x 3.5’’ x 5.5’’ frame, weighing a feather-light 0.2 lbs. The Dube is designed deliberately to resemble an e-cigarette in ease of use and size. The ceramic heating apparatus uses both convection and conduction to produce vapor from either your blend or aromatherapy oils. Perhaps the most unique feature of the Dube vaporizer is that it is chargeable by USB; easy to plug in at home or in the office while you work. A fully charged battery should last 1-2 hours of continuous use.

How To Use Dube Vaporizer

First load one of your cartridges with either your blend or essential aromatherapy oils. The cartridges can be quite small and may require tweezers to load properly. To use the Dube Vaporizer, simply press and hold the trigger button to activate the battery and heating apparatus. Wait 5-7 seconds before inhalation and continue holding down for no longer than 10-12 seconds as the heat will steadily increase potentially causing combustion. The cartridge size limits the amount of blend or oils that can be loaded at once, as is the case with all smaller, e-cigarette style vaporizers.


The Dube features a simple cartridge loading system and both a convection and conduction ceramic heating apparatus. With a frame that is comparable to an e-cigarette, the sleek construction allows for portability and discretion. The natural advantage to the cartridge style loading technique is that despite being a small, narrow e-cigarette style vaporizer, both liquids and blends can be loaded into the Dube.

What It Comes With

The Dube Vaporizer package features a number of auxiliary parts and tools to compliment the vaporizer itself. First, for charging the Dube, included are both a wall charger and a USB connection cable so you can charge through conventional sockets or your computer. Also included are your loading cartridge, a user manual, tweezers for loading your cartridge, battery, and cleaning brush. The Dube Vaporizer is a simple, straight forward vaporizer without too many bells and whistles. In summary: 1 x Wall Charger 1 x Cleaning Brush Battery 1 x Loading Cartridge Tweezers 1 x USB cable User manual

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning your vaporizer is always important. The Dube’s compact size makes it easy to clean using their included cleaning brush. Be sure to brush out any extra debris. Also, keep your loading cartridge clean by rinsing and brushing it out periodically. Your loading cartridge will need to be replaced over time as it begins to wear out, but regular cleaning and maintenance can prolong its life until you need to buy another cartridge to replace your old.


There’s no need to dress up the Dube Vaporizer. Dube is a vaporizer for those on the go and those looking for a five minute vapor break. You will need to replace your loading cartridges and buy more that are specific to the Dube Vaporizer. Also, the biggest accessory is the USB cable that can charge your vaporizer’s battery. This accessory truly creates mobility for the Dube at home or at work.

Essential Oil Vaporizer

One of Dube’s greatest assets is its ability to load aromatherapy oils as well as blends. To load an oil carefully fill the loading cartridge and insert into the vaporizer. The ability for such a small, sleek, and compact vaporizer to handle both blends and oils is a major asset for the individual consumer.

Dube Vaporizer Warranty

The Dube Vaporizer’s battery comes with a 90 day warranty. If your battery breaks, won’t recharge, or perpetually displays 100% battery Dube’s manufacturers will replace your battery. The battery warranty is important as your vaporizer can’t and won’t function without the use of its battery, and regular non-chargeable batteries won’t work for your vaporizer.

Technical Information

Heating time: 5-7 Second Warm-up Temperature Settings: 0 – (Combustion) Do not overheat your vaporizer! Method: Convection and Conduction Type: Portable, Electric, Direct Draw Size: 1.5’’ x 3.5’’ x 5.5’’