Vapor-pens : The New Standard


“… the first to bring a tested and effective product to the marketplace”

The idea of creating a subminiature vapor delivery system has been discussed but seldom realized. It took the combined efforts of our team to make it a reality. We are the first to bring a tested and effective product to the marketplace. We are now in the fourth generation of development with greatly improved taste and potency.

We are dedicated to producing a sturdy and reliable product that is also affordable. We pride ourselves on our quality control, and strive to be the best in the industry. Only the highest grade materials and herbal extracts are used in the VAPE PEN™ system, from raw materials to finished product.

The vapor-pens is a delivery system for herbal extracts. Different plant extracts and herbs will boil or vaporize at different temperatures. By controlling the temperature, it is possible to release certain fractions in the formula by programming the temperature of atomization of each component.

At the heart of the vapor-pens is an advanced microprocessor controller. This specially programmed chip monitors the temperature and timing of the low-temperature atomization process. Conventional vaporizers use a higher temperature to vaporize bulk materials. The VAPE PEN™ is capable of reaching and maintaining the exact temperatures suitable for health applications.

The advantage of low temperature atomization is that it minimizes oxidation of the herbs being inhaled. Because less of the active ingredients are degraded by oxidation, more herbal goodness reaches your body. This improved efficiency is the key to the lower cost of use and enabled us to achieve this marvel of miniaturization for your health and enjoyment..

The atomizer core and shell are constructed of surgical stainless steel and are RoHS certified. All components are made in an ISO 9001 certified factory with strict quality assurance. The VAPE PEN™ is assembled and tested in the USA.